speed dating. part II.

Last weekend was consumed by moving and this past week has felt pretty hectic with work and activities. The only child in me always requires a moment of pause to be alone in my week to reset or I get a little testy. Thankfully, today provided the perfect setting for me to lay around, catch up on some shows, listen to Pandora, and take a couple naps. It was also a necessary preparation for the rest of night . . . which I spent at another round of speed dating.

Which was So. Brutal.

I’ll admit, the last time wasn’t SO bad. Granted, I didn’t meet anyone, but I had some good conversations and there were a lot more people mingling about that kept the energy level up. (I also was dating T at that time and was perfectly content with our Wednesday night dates, so I wasn’t too concerned to meet anyone.) This time, it was at a different restaurant and the crowd was much smaller. So much so, they didn’t even segregate age groups and I’m pretty confident 50% of my dates were over the age of 40, with social disorders, and one too many of them were admittedly unemployed.

Let’s recap the 9 dates I went on this evening and what I learned about them:

1. Unemployed. He’s very bitter about the interviewing process. I could see why. I think he may have a form of autism. I’m really not trying to be mean here, I really think that. And he was old. Seriously old.
2. Can’t sit still for more than an hour – can’t even watch a full movie in one sitting.
3. Fishes. A lot. And wore a t-shirt and ball cap. How about a LITTLE effort?
4. Moved to Colorado when he was 18 with his parents simply because, “I had nothing else going on or anything to do.” Then admitted to living with his parents for 10 years after arriving here.
5. Lives out in Highlands Ranch. Can’t remember anything else about the guy. Booooo-ring.
6. I zoned out after he started talking about the Chinese language and how they do not conjugate verbs.
7. He looked around every time I spoke and when he heard I grew up in a small town he said, “Yeah, you do come off very small town-ish. I can see that.”  WTH?!?
8. Unknown. At least that’s what he told me to write on my card under the reminders for him. He refused to give me any personal details of himself.
9. I tried to make a joke that didn’t go over so well and ended the evening on a low point.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I’d SSOOO much rather just hole up in my apartment watching season after season of Friday Night Lights than ever go on another first date of any sort.

Hug your significant others a little tighter tonight folks. It’s a brutal world out there.


  1. Aw man, that sucks! I would have been seriously offended by the small town thing too – who says that?!

    So I’m dense and confused – is Friday Night Lights punishment but a better alternative to dating or do you like the show? (I’ve never seen it.)

  2. I like show :). I’d rather be a hermit than try to date!!!

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