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I went to a speed dating event last night at a sushi restaurant. I had signed up for this over the holidays, when I had reached what we single girls like to call . . . a low point. Regardless, I figured it’d be a fun event and would create something to talk about at the very least. And that it did.

I’m still in touch with and seeing T, as we’ll call him, the guy J&A introduced me to a couple weeks ago. Despite that, I refuse to put all my eggs in one basket, so I decided to attend the speed dating event with an open mind. After arriving, quickly downing a large glass of Chardonnay, and grabbing glass #2 for the first round of dates, things started to go downhill pretty quickly.

Date #1 – I arrived at the table first and soon was joined by a very smiley young guy with adult braces. There is nothing wrong with adult braces, please don’t get me wrong. But, it’s really the only thing I recall about him. His huge smile and his adult braces. No love connection. NEXT!

Date #2 – This date I didn’t talk too much on. I swallowed down the wrong pipe and ended up choking. This resulted in me having to simply nod and smile and spurt out a couple words here and there while I guzzled down glass #2 to soothe my throat. He was very large and bald. He claimed to be a skier and I didn’t believe him. Again, no judgement, but, you know.

Date #3 – My wine was going to my head and I had my voice back, so I just remember rambling about my New Year’s Eve and how we played the college card game Asshole. He shared a story about getting kicked out of a bar because his friend broke a sculpture. Great . . . NEXT!

Date #4 – He mentioned his ex-wife within the first 30 seconds. She apparently competes in rodeos and the Stampede in my hometown is their FAVORITE one. Really? I didn’t believe him. In the back of my head, I was thinking about just going rogue and asking a ton of questions about his marriage. I played nice and did not.

Time for intermission . . . I grabbed my girlfriend who was in attendance with me, we convened in the bathroom, where handfuls of other girls were, and everyone was blurting out the horror stories from the first half. Just before the second session, I grabbed large glass of wine #3.

Date #5 – Date #1 almost sat back down at my table by accident, and I just remember some other weird dude running over and freaking his date (me) was going to get stolen. Wow. I am getting fought over already. Ha. I remember nothing else about this guy except he said he was on the 15 year college plan and apparently Metro State has the best engineering program in CO. Right.

Date #6 – This was the most normal of all my dates. If I HAD to pick one guy I HAD to go on a “second” date with, it would have been him. However, I was half way through glass #3 and don’t remember much other than he just went on and on and on how he doesn’t know a single only child. I’m not that rare. NEXT!

Date #7 – This one was crazy. He was putting on a total act. He joked about me being a gold digger when I said I worked for a gold mining company (Haven’t heard that one before.) He commented on my artificially blond hair and asked if I was a secretary. Ouch. He owns his own business and said he has his personal assistant manage all dating, online profiles, etc. I told him business not be very good if she doesn’t have enough business related work to do. (Kay ended up having him right after me. I found her after the buzzer, yelling at him.)

Date #8 – He was from Saudi Arabia and doesn’t like the social life in CO. Sorry, I’m not aiming to be any one’s cruise director. I told him he had great English and downed the last of glass #3 until the buzzer rang.

At the end, I didn’t find anyone I really wanted to see again, which means the next event will be free. Whether I’ll actually go back or when is yet to be determined. It was entertaining enough, I’d do it again for something funny, but I can’t say I’m sold that it’s a great way to find a love connection. The moderator who runs it met her husband there on her third time doing it.

Anyway . . . in the meantime, I’ll just continue to see what becomes of T.

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