spills, thrills and some new specs

So far, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of adventure and new experiences.
And I’m liking it.
This past weekend was basically dedicated to snowboarding. Dan, He Who Shall Not Be Named and I hit Vail on Friday and Keystone on Sunday.
Vail was an absolute disaster to put it mildly . . . it’s the first time I have hit that resort and the snow conditions were not that great and I was less than impressed with the run layout. The day was started on a double black diamond (that takes A LOT of leg power to traverse, so I was done for pretty early) and then cat walk after cat walk (cat walks are basically the kiss of death to a snowboarder, especially struggling ones like myself). After about the 5th long cat walk, 500 spills, and me breaking down and crying for about 30 seconds out of sheer frustration, we finally got a couple of good runs in and then called it a day.
It was back up to the Rockies on Sunday and the same skiing trio hit Keystone. After a lot of second guessing in the car at 6:00 AM if it was worth going all the way up there (and Dan being up for 24 hours straight, he’s a wonder of nature), we were soon rewarded with the best snow conditions I have ever ridden in . . . deep fresh powder! I was finally able to just go all out, and the spills I did take didn’t even hurt since it felt like falling in a cloud. I had an absolute blast and was so thankful my confidence was once again restored in the sport. I hope to get 2-3 more days in before the season ends and I am most definitely buying a season pass . . . and a helmet . . . for next year.
In other news . . . I have a new hair-do and some new specs. My hair is the shortest it’s been in years, it’s an A-line cut so the back has basically no hair, so I am reluctant to style it curly yet, but I’m having fun sporting something new in the straight hair for the time being. And, I am in love with my new frames, they are actually a burgundy color set of Chanel’s. (Dad, I mailed away my reimbursement to VSP today!)
(this is so MySpace of me, I know. i was in the car wash.)

In other news . . . I’m learning how to tango dance with He Who Shall Not Be Named. (Though, I’m such a terrible partner, I try and lead and apparently have sweaty palms. I hope to get better for his sake!!)

And I am seriously considering committing to a gym again.

It feels great to be active and it’s an energizing feeling to know spring weather (my favorite season aside from snow) is just around the corner.

2011 . . . so far, so good . . . the year is flying and I can’t wait to see what other adventures and new experiences I will encounter!!!


  1. Your hair looks great! And I love your glasses! I’ll be in CO in August or Sept. Want to meet up?

  2. Monica – absoloutely!!!

  3. So glad to read this post! Makes me smile. Dig the new hair style & glasses – very cute but then again you always are!

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