stormy skies

They are predicting a blizzard to hit Colorado tonight. While one might think snow and Colorado go together like peanut butter and jelly – well, not when it comes to promises of blizzards. Here, we’re used to a pretty dusting that melts a day later. This storm has been built up and up and up and people have become increasingly anxious over it. We watched the clouds eeek their way from the south east all afternoon, just wishing they’d hurry up and get this show on the road.

Travel advisories have been issued. Schools have already been closed, flights have been canceled. People are being told to go home and stay home unless it’s an emergency. Lines at the grocery store are insane. And rush hour started and ended early as everyone left work before the slow moving gray clouds had a chance to break.

I got home and got Reiley out, just in time to come back inside and watch the first flurries start to fall.

Now the animals and I are all set to hunker down. I’m heating up some soup, getting the Snuggie out and taking stock of my Netflix instant queue (gosh I miss cable!).

It’s a bittersweet evening – blizzards always make for good stories and it’s hard not to love a snow day, but He Who Shall Not Be Named will most likely be prevented from making it home for the weekend from his latest jet set. Bummer. But, nothing we can do about Mother Nature!

Stay safe out there everybody!



  1. Ahhh snow scares me! In Virginia we close down completely for 4 inches of snow! In fact we did close for a week my senior year for like 5 inches and we got to skip our mid terms. It was nuts! Did u end up getting a ton of crazy weather?

  2. How much did you end up getting?! Was it a blizzard?

  3. Yeah it’s a mess here! About a foot and growing!

  4. We got nada! Probably less than an inch. Sydney and I were sooo bummed because we LOVE nothing more than to sled down our big hill while Heath makes homemade hot cocoa for us. Hopefully we get some storms so we can continue the tradition! Enjoy your snow!!!

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