My summer to-do list is rapidly growing. BBQs, camping, movies in the park, hiking day trips . . . almost every day I say to myself, “omg, I need to do that this summer . . . I need to do this.” But reality is, if I don’t get on in it and start planning, summer is going to be gone as quickly as it arrived.

(Is it July this week already?! So insane.)

This past week, a week with the longest days of the year, most certainly was the longest week ever as I worked pretty much non-stop – and there isn’t much of an end in sight. So, it was incredibly nice to have the opportunity to take off to Vail for a couple days this weekend with He Who Shall Not Be Named. I had never been to Vail in the summer, I don’t typically spend much time at all in the mountains this time of year, and now I am wondering why not – it was so amazingly gorgeous and peaceful.

This picture doesn’t do the Rockies justice.
We’re pretty cute, you have to admit.

Now, it’s Sunday night and it’s, sadly, time to get back to business. My Sunday night business of pacing around the house motivating myself to clean, trying not to eat a bunch of snacks from my grocery store trip, and ultimately ending up on the couch in front of a Friday Night Lights episode willing Monday morning to hold off just a little longer!


  1. You guys are a very cute couple!

  2. Super duper cute!

  3. So cute! I’m glad you guys had a great time up there – even if it was just for a weekend!
    (Commenting with my blog profile – for some reason Blogger isn’t working with my personal profile.)

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