sun, fun, and hand fractures

I arrived home today after 8 amazing days in paradise – Kauai. A full week of laying around the pool, grilling, eating delicious shaved ices, kayaking, bon fires and s’mores on the beach, sipping pina coladas and mai tais, mini golf, a wild sunset boat ride, rum tasting . . . it doesn’t get much better than all of that. It was an absolute treat for me to take a trip like this and it was great to share it with He Who Shall Not Be Named and good friends Jason and Melissa.

Kauai is a really laid back island. Everything shuts down early and we were all in bed before 10 pm every night. (And, consequently, up before 7 am every morning.) It boasts lots of outdoor activities from water sports to hiking and biking, but also provides the perfect back drop to lay and nap and  read in the sun for hours. I loved all the chickens milling about and getting doused with rain at least once a day was refreshing. The island also has tons of cute little story book looking churches, of all sorts of denominations, and I found the diversity on such a small island pretty interesting. 

It was really sad getting on the plane late last night. As much as I am always ready to come home, leaving paradise and knowing what a mess I face back at the office was depressing. But, it’s all good and I’m happy to have the time off that I did. I popped a sleeping pill to get some shut eye on the red-eye flight and arrived back in Denver early this morning.

What I could have done without on the trip was breaking my hand. The first stop after wheels down in Denver? Urgent care. (I tried to go in Kauai, but the wait as long, they had no x-ray machine, and my insurance card was back at the condo.)

On Thursday, or perhaps Wednesday, I’m not even sure now what day, we spent the afternoon at a beach on the south side of the island. While the boys napped on the beach, Melissa and I decided to swim out into pretty blue Pacific. It was a busier part of the beach, others were in, so it wasn’t like we were being dangerous. After wading out, we realized there was a rock ledge. In trying to climb over it, a wave washed us off and back into the rock. My hand braced myself and I felt a little stunned, deciding it was time to get out of the water. In walking back up the beach, we realized Melissa’s leg was bleeding and I couldn’t move my hand.

What ensued was a lot of hem-hawing over whether I wanted to go to urgent care or the ER or what. He Who Shall Not Be Named, Jason and Melissa all called around and turned out urgent care is not easy to get into, I didn’t want to go to the ER, so I decided to just keep taking ibuprophen for swelling and picked up some medical tape at Safeway to see if it would provide some relief.

I managed to hang in there the final three days, the pain manageable with advil and trying to keep my hand still. I just knew something wasn’t right in there, though, so I went straight from the plane to my local urgent care this morning for an x-ray. Sure enough, there is a tiny fracture on my 4th metacarpal bone – something called a “boxer’s fracture” because they are usually obtained when punching something incorrectly. 

Anyway, it’s very minor, but at least explains the pain. I got a temporary cast and just have to follow up with my doc this week.

Kind of neat . . . I got a CD with the x-rays on it . . .

 hand xray


So, that is my Hawaiian adventure.

I spent the morning trying to nap, unsuccessfully, and now typed this out with one hand and my pointer and thumb on my broken left. Trying to pass the time while I try to get ahold of my parents so the cats can come home . . . and I desperately need someone to wrangle my suitcase out of my car for me.

P.S. Pictures to follow soon!


  1. Ouch – you poor thing! I can’t believe you went that long without seeing anyone. I’m sure the price of that medical tape was enough to make you vomit by itself. Prices have only gone up since we were there and everything was incredibly expensive six years ago. Ugh.

    I can’t wait to see the fun pics! And read more about the fun adventures!

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