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Well, this is the first full day of me hanging out at home alone. Ok, that’s a lie, my parents are coming up around lunchtime to bring some things over, but still. For all intents and purposes, this my first day just hanging around. Tomorrow I have to go back to work and that seems entirely weird to me. Everything in Arizona seems a lifetime away after this one short week, and going back to work and doing something familiar doesn’t seem possible, but I think I need that right now.
Most everything is as set up now, except for my office and bedroom, which I need to work on today. Here is my dining room and living room currently, pretty much just a few things for the wall, some new candles for my sconces, and a table runner and I will be satisfied for the time being:
Once my bedroom and office are set up and I am not living out of suitcases and boxes in those rooms, I will take pictures of those areas.
Oh, and an update on the parking space – I took some trash out this morning and saw the car was gone, so I moved my car into it’s rightful place. I am hopeful the dude got the note, otherwise I’ll be taking a picture of his license plate and tattling to the leasing office :).


  1. Ha! I’d tattle too! I love your apartment. It’s so grown up looking. I hope you’re able to come to terms with your new life quickly, but if it takes a while, I’m pretty sure that’s okay too. =) Hang in there!

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