super bowl sunday funday

Today was a fun Sunday . . . started with a last minute brunch, some afternoon ice skating, and a fun super bowl party. I ate so much junk today though and I am not feeling so hot. Statistically, tomorrow is the most missed day of work where people call out sick and it’s no wonder why.

In other news . . . it’s been snowing. Almost all week. Just like most every part of the country it’s been cold, wet and gross. As expected, it’s going to be a long, depressing stretch until Spring.

In other other news, I know people are pending a T update. And really, not much to report. I think he’s just a dude who likes to do what he wants to do and isn’t too interested in thinking past a Wednesday night dinner or movie (i.e. not a guy I could necessarily count on to help me move or to attend a work dinner with me). Which, is fine for now, but I know in the big picture I deserve to be pursued . . . or at least deserve a guy who wants to act interested in becoming a part of my life and make future plans (by future, I mean two weeks out, is that too much to ask?).

Anyway, time to take some Alka Seltzer and get a good night’s sleep.

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