super sunday fun day

I actually love super bowl Sunday! I love getting together with friends and eating a ton of junk food. And the halftime show and commercials are always entertaining.

But, most of all I love the friends.

Last year’s party was actually the first time I really ever sat down and spent time talking just to He Who Shall Not Be Named. It was a lot of fun and afterwards I remember thinking how much I wanted to be better friends.

This year, we’re attending the same party again. With [most] of the same old faces. The super bowl almost acts as a time capsule, reminding me how things have changed over the past few years and where things are heading.

In 2010, most of us were single, drank a little too much, and marriage, babies and houses seemed so far away.

In 2011, people were acting more their age, the party and bar scene growing tired. Marriage had entered the group. The singletons were almost all Internet dating and hoping to meet someone special.

Now, in 2012, almost everyone attending is married, engaged or, as I like to call it, pre-engaged (i’ll expand on that last category some other day). Later today we’ll be at our engaged friends’ new home that they just bought in the suburbs. Other friends attending again are discussing the possibility of a baby now. Others the possibility of a fall wedding. And the possibility of buying a home, too. Or, in some cases, all of the above. (I won’t name names.)

It’s been so fun to watch my friends reach all these new exciting milestones. We’ve all had such unique journeys to get to where we are today. 2012 is just going to be such a big year for so many people close to me. I am excited to have a front row seat and am hopeful for some big things of my own.

So, the super bowl isn’t just about football to me. It’s about my friends and the wonderful community that’s been built around us and continues to grow.

And I can’t wait to see what will be going on at next year’s super bowl party!!!


  1. Yay for friends, food, and football bringing you guys all together!

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