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Being engaged to He Who Shall Not Be Named is a bit of a package deal because there is another blonde in his life, Reiley.
Thankfully Reiley and I get on rather well. He has become my sidekick since we are often left to our own devices when He Who Shall Not Be Named travels. (I joke that I knew my relationship with He Who Shall Not Be Named was on the super serious track when he started leaving me all his worldly possessions when he was gone: his dog and his car.)
Over the past few months Reiley has migrated from just being “my boyfriend’s dog” to “our dog.” And he’s turning into a bit of a Mama’s boy at times. Probably because he knows when he’s with me, he can take advantage!
Like this evening, on a stroll up a new path I just discovered close to our new house that runs parallel to a swampy canal. I walked him down by the water and turned away for just a second and the leash wasn’t locked like I thought it was. A second was all it took and he was romping in the water. I didn’t think it’d be so bad . . . until he came out with pitch black legs.
There was a fountain only about a 5 minute walk away, so I decided to take him up there and try and get a little rinse. Unfortunately, it was swarming with people and there are so many weird city ordinances here, I decided not to take our chances in the nice clean fountain.
So, we turned to go back home, soliciting a lot of comments and looks along the way.
He certainly didn’t see a problem with what happened. The 15 minutes post-swamp crawl were the happiest of his life.

Resigning himself to the fact there was no way he wasn’t getting in the tub tonight. He got his legs and under carriage washed with some Dumb Blonde shampoo. We found out later from Daddy that there was some pet wash in the laundry closet. Bummer:


Post bath, as happy as a clam, trying to dry off. My hairdryer wasn’t cutting it:

The cats wondering what in tarnation is going on:

An hour after returning home, he was finally cleaned up and semi-dry enough to let loose in the house. But, I don’t think he’ll be sleeping on the bed tonight. We have an appointment to get a professional bath tomorrow.

We considered having Reiley as our ring bearer for a quick moment. Thinking that perhaps the flower girl could walk him down the aisle and he’d have a little tux on. However, our ceremony is right in front of a river . . . so you can imagine how that’d go down. Therefore, ‘ol Reiley will be spending some time at doggie day care that weekend instead!

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