Today was Charlie’s first Thanksgiving. I’d say it was a great start for his holiday record book.

I’ve been cautious about the upcoming holidays, expecting to be down in the dumps and depressed, but Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. My tradition has always been to go to my parents’ house, so it didn’t feel as different as I might have expected.

This year was actually marginally better than last year . . . since I was about 11 weeks pregnant then and was very uninterested in food and wasn’t really into eating. This year I gobbled down a plateful and am already planning to get up and have some leftovers once I post this post. I mean, that’s what Thanksgiving is REALLY about, right? Eating?


My FAVORITE dish at the table this year? My little butterball. He’s so sweet and funny and goofy and has turned into such a great baby. (Had you asked me four months ago if he was a good baby I would have burst into tears. It was a rough first few months.)

And he is becoming such a little butterball for real. He was so skinny when he was born and then struggled to gain weight from 3-5 months and now just days shy of seven months is he FINALLY putting on some rolls and baby fat . . . I love it!

I tried super hard to get a good shot of the two of us. I made my mom and dad take about 50 shots. I don’t have many photos with the two of us since it’s always me behind the camera and we’re alone 90% of the time. But, it’s hard to get a good shot because he’s so wiggly. So they are blurry. Or we’re never both looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. But, I’m happy to have some sweet pictures to remember this day.


His Gramps slipped him tastes of gravy at the table that he rather enjoyed. Charlie’s official Thanksgiving meal was a pouch of baby puree – pumpkin, apple, peach and cinnamon which is his favorite EVER. Of course. Because it’s delicious. And has 7 grams of sugar. (Which is good if you look at some of the other combos, eek.)

All in all, a very low key day. It was nice.

I end today being thankful. So very thankful. For so many things. (And here we go into the quintessential “thankful” Thanksgiving post, you guys.)

I have a healthy and thriving former preemie who I get to love on 24/7. He is the light of my life.  I have parents nearby who are always there for me, even when my mom and I squabble like moms and daughters will always do. I have amazing friends. Who have shown me kindness and patience and so much love in the past few months. (Especially my bestie, April, who has logged no less than an average of an hour a day working through and analyzing my life with me.) My health. My job, which allows me to leave the house a few days a week and do something new and challenging.

And for everything else . . . well, things could be so much worse. I hate going through what I am going through right now. And while every day is different and my emotions can change on a dime . . . today in my post-Thanksgiving satisfied and happy glow . . . I am confident that this trying time is only going to give way to amazing things. No clue WHAT those amazing things are yet and I’m not even getting my hopes up for when they might materialize, but tonight I am going to go to bed with a peaceful heart.

That’s about the best case scenario for this trying period right now.

Maybe I’ve fallen for some holiday cheer after all?

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