that awkward moment when . . .

. . . someone congratulates you, while looking at your stomach, on expecting a baby.

And you’re really really really not.


The scene:
It was early in the day, we were dressed in scrubby Sunday clothes (okay, maybe just I was) and I was wearing a pull-over sweatshirt with a Ziploc bag of dog treats, my cell phone, and a set of keys all stuffed into the kangaroo pockets.

We just pulled up to the house and had parked in the street and were actively shuffling the leash-less dogs up to the front door. The next-door neighbor we hadn’t yet met was outside, waved, and came over to introduce himself. And commented on how he heard we were expecting a baby and, perhaps I am making this part up but, I swear he gestured toward my stomach.

Some context:
We recently hosted April’s baby shower and had a stork sign in the front yard, so I guess if neighbors didn’t slow to read the names on the sign they’d it assume we were throwing ourselves a party to announce it. And even neighbors who didn’t see the sign, likely heard about it, since everyone talks around here.

So, I suppose it was an honest mistake.

But, poor guy when I was like, “Umm, nope, not expecting a baby here. No. Not yet.”

I was feeling really awkward after that and slowly backed away into the house, leaving He Who Shall Not Be Named running into the guy’s garage to fetch our dogs who had meandered over there during our introductions.

Hopefully that news gets back around that, no, we are not in fact expecting at this time.

And I guess if I run into another neighbor, I’ll have to make sure I suck in my tummy real good!


  1. Ok, if you have stuff shoved in to pockets right in front of your belly, of course it’s going to make you look pregnant, especially if he thought the stork sign was for you. Honest mistake. Don’t beat yourself up. You look GREAT! I saw a good friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in a while, in May when Ben was 6 months old. She asked me when baby #3 was due…. Apparently had me confused with another friend and since I still had (have) a major pooch, she assumed. Yeah, that sucked. Oh when I was giving birth to Abbie and one of the nurses told me I was huge and she’d need help “helping” me move because I’d crush her otherwise. Yeah, that was fun too.. But either way, you seriously do look great! And I’m sure soon enough you’re going to want people to notice your little belly because you ARE pregnant. =)

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