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Today I arrived home from vacation in Orange County, CA! I was visiting one of my oldest pals, Whitney. I had a blast – the weekend was just what I needed – a huge thanks to Whitney for being a great fantastic host!
We ate at some fun restaurants and I got to see some great sights. (Best of all was just getting to visit and have a relaxing weekend without any particular place to be, though!) Other activities included gabbing into the wee hours of the morning every night, taking some walks and playing ball with the most adorable Boxer ever (Whitney’s doggie Roxy!), going out dancing one night at her boss’s birthday party, and also putting in some major hours playing the New Super Mario on the Wii (my thumb still hurts)!!! I have to say, it was especially fun playing Mario, because Whitney and I used to play Nintendo together 20 years ago on the original (she was always better than me and got us through tough ice levels on Mario 3!). I think a lot of people thought we were a bit odd for playing Wii while I am vacationing in CA, but it was very fitting for us :).
A few times this weekend I just thought back to various other times in our lives – recess in elementary, old middle school slumber parties, high school cheerleading – and here we are all these years later as adults. It’s comforting to know that no matter how much things may change or how much time may pass, some things never change – like true friendships. I am really lucky to have such a great friend as Whitney in my life!

then ~ 15 years ago

The only bummer the whole trip was the fact I managed to get a pretty bad sun burn. The worst of which is on my shoulders and wearing a simple shirt or laying down is sheer pain. My only hope is it will calm down and turn into some color. I burn so easily, I should know this and be more on top of what, where and how often I apply sunscreen. Doh!!
Now, tomorrow, back to reality!

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