the saga continues

So, Monday . . . we meet again. I swear sometimes it feels like every day is Monday. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to have Presidents’ Day off. I wish I did.

This past week was pretty hectic as I fit in two dates with another guy (shall we just dub him #4?) from the online dating site. Originally, I was trying to be open minded about seeing this guy again because he was very personable and nice, and I was trying not to be judgmental about some obvious red flags waving around. But, after two dates, and his incessant calling and texting (more on that in a minute), the dude is getting the boot. In a nutshell, #4 is another overgrown kid . . . an immature 35 year old who, professionally, is an absolute mess and he lives in a townhouse owned by his parents. It’s also apparent he’s rather clingy and needy and not a good catch by any stretch of the imagination.

On our first date Tuesday night, I insisted on splitting the bill. But, if you go to a second dinner, I feel like the guy should have the courtesty to treat. So, at our second dinner Friday night, the bill came and I let him pick it up to which he asked, “Do you want to split it?” And his meal was more than mine, so splitting wasn’t even really fair. If I had been thinking, I would have said, “No, I’ll just get it.” And then told him to have a nice life and take a hike. Though, of course I was a bit blindsided and just ended up splitting. (Someday I’ll get there – I’m sure many more dates with these types of guys and I will perfect how to deal with the cheapskates.)

Oh, and I should mention on date two, he showed up with flowers. Pink carnations. I know it’s the thought that counts, but bringing a girl the cheapest flowers you can get is not very impressive. He should have just saved his $7.99 to put towards the meal. That would have been more thoughtful on his part.

On Friday, he had asked if he could see me on Sunday. Valentine’s Day? No, thanks. I told him I had plans and it probably wouldn’t work out. (That’s where I went wrong – inserting that “probably”, but most normal people would pick up on the fact I wasn’t chomping at the bit to see him again and get the hint. Regardless, I had no plans to see him and hoped I wouldn’t even hear a follow up, but I wasn’t so lucky.) No hint was taken and his invitations didn’t stop there.

Saturday night I spent quietly alone. I went to Target to get some shopping done. Was just slowing browsing around and just relaxing. About 7:30 while I am there, he texts me to ask what I am doing and if I wanted to hang out. The conversation went like this:

#4: hi, how is your day? what are you doing?

me: shopping.

#4: want to hang out tonight?

me: no, i’m trying to get some errands done and i’m tired and staying in tonight.

#4: ok, well just let me know.

me: I did just let you know. I can’t hang out.

#4: 🙁

(Ok. I should have just ignored him right there. But that whiney, annoying sad face, and I wanted to jump through my phone and slap the kid, so I had to put in another word.)

me: I’m going to be a while yet, and it’s already late and I am tired. even if i wasn’t busy right now, i still wouldn’t want to hang out tonight because i want some alone time.

#4: that’s a terrible excuse.

Riiiight. I was done with that conversation. You’d think he’d have gotten the hint, but no. First thing Sunday, I get a text on my way to brunch with some girlfriends: “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!” Sweetie? Excuse me? I don’t think so.

It didn’t end there, either. A couple hours later he texts to ask if I am still interested in possibly meeting up later that night. I said, “no, I have plans. have a good day.” He had nothing to reply back, and I thought it would be over.

But, didn’t end there, either. I’m hanging out at a friend’s house after brunch and my cell phone starts ringing. We stare at it and I let it go to voicemail. We patiently waited, hoping to get a voicemail to have a good laugh at, but no such luck. I figured perhaps he’d start getting the hint THEN? Nope. It certainly didn’t end there, nor did it end for a good part of the night. I went to a movie, dinner and then downtown to the bars with friends and it became an absolute joke.

At dinner he texts me asking me to call him when I was free because he had something to tell me. My friends were dying to hear, and were begging me to call him. I refused, but texted back and said I didn’t appreciate “surprises” and to just tell me what it was about. He said he’d call when he was off work. We had to wait a bit, but the call came.

He asked what I was doing, and I said I was out with friends heading to the bars. He asked where I was going, and I just said I had no clue, where ever the wind blows. (Of course I knew where, but he was just leaving downtown from a shift at work, and I knew if I revealed where we were going he’d invite himself along.) So, he jumps in to what he wants to tell me.

First, he wanted to say what an amazing private party he had just served at the restaurant (yes, he’s a waiter). They were all married couples who had been married 50+ years and he thought it was so awesome and wanted to share. Ummm, ok? Second, he said he wanted to apologize for the other night, because I seemed like I was mad at him. I asked which night he was referring to – Friday, Saturday or Sunday – and he just said, “well, nevermind.” And I said, well, I can’t speak to what you’re apologizing for if you don’t tell me WHAT you’re apologizing for. “Oh, no, just forget it. never mind.” OMG!!!!! Are we seven years old?!? I was just silent and waited, then he changed the subject and asked if I wanted to get together next weekend. I said, no, I had plans and we got off the phone.

Now, friends, don’t you think perhaps it’d end THERE?!? OH NO!!!

Later on I get a text from him telling me to please be careful and not drink and drive. WOW, well hello, Captain Obvious!!!! He also offered to come get me if I needed a ride. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? At this point I’m thinking I’d be better hitchhiking home. I was REALLY livid at this point. I replied and said thanks for the public service announcement, but I am not irresponsible and certainly don’t need that advice from him. He came back and apologized, and I ignored it. Later he tried to ask where I was again . . . “where are you at? just curious.”


So, the story ends there. I haven’t heard another peep today, so I think it’s safe to announce I’m finally in the clear.

With my subscription to this site coming to an end next week, I’m going to take a breather from online dating. It’s way too much energy and it’s getting way too expensive :).

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