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Above is the letter He Who Shall Not Be Named wrote to me on our wedding day, delivered by his best man to my bridal suite.

It was tucked away in a loving card, in a big pink bag that contained a brand new MacBook to replace my ancient, dying Dell.

I sort of had a hunch I would be getting an Apple product as my bridal gift, seeing as how I had spent the better part of the past year screaming at my Dell every time it crashed or wouldn’t load something.

But, despite the fact I had guessed what the surprise would be, He Who Shall Not Be Named still got me. Because I had no idea how romantic He Who Shall Not Be Named could make receiving a piece of electronics. But, he did through the words in his letter.

As our videographer put it, he said, it was like an emotional bomb went off in the suite when I read it.

Merely thinking about the letter at any point in the day, even now, it reduces me to a big, ugly cry.

The letter – it expressed how much he loved me and was excited to marry me. The kicker came when He Who Shall Not Be Named explained the gift, my laptop, came with the responsibility of being our family’s storyteller. To tell all the stories of our wins, losses, kids, home, travels and everything in between.

And above all, to tell the story of us and the love we share for one another.

While I was already excited to start this blog – a blog just for us and our future family – it made me realize how important the blog truly is to me.

It doesn’t matter how many people read it or are interested in what I have to say – what’s important is that it’s a place to capture all those little moments that are going to pass us by so quickly that we don’t ever want to forget.

As for the name? Stay Young, Go Dancing? That has many meanings to me and to us.

It’s a title of one of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs, also one of my favorite bands. It makes me happy, just like He Who Shall Not Be Named does. Death Cab was also the first (and only to date) concert He Who Shall Not Be Named and I attended together. Dancing . . . dancing lessons was the activity on our first official date. The dance party at our wedding reception was insanely fun and will always be a highlight of that day for us.

And we forever hope to stay young at heart.

So, thank you for finding your way to our new family blog! Where I have so so so so much to talk about already . . . from our wedding weekend to our honeymoon to our new home.

And hopefully so much more as our adventure begins together . . .


  1. Can’t wait to read all about your new adventures. So happy for you friend!

  2. Lucky you, getting to start your blog as soon as you start your life together! I didn’t start ours until a few years later, so the first few years are missing. Every year I print our blog off into a big book so we have the whole year documented and some day we’ll have a whole series. Can’t wait to read all of your adventures!

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