third and final stretch!!!!!!

We’re officially in the third trimester!!! We’re on the final stretch, peeps!!!

I’ve really started feeling the effects of a growing belly. I’m plagued by annoying back pain and the feeling my stomach is going to burst after I eat. It’s hard to believe how much bigger I will still get!!!

My third trimester kicked off by attending a baby shower for close friends Melissa and Jason who are expecting a baby girl six weeks before us. They had tasty tea sandwiches, scones and lots of cake. Someone even brought Melissa a huge box of VooDoo donuts that she offered to share . . . but I had to decline . . .

This girl failed her one hour glucose test and I have to go in for the three hour test first thing tomorrow morning. 🙁

I’m pretty nervous about the potential of having gestational diabetes, but I know if I do have it, there could always be worse things and I’ll just have to deal. I know it’s also not uncommon to fail the first 1 hour test, and pass the 3 hour one, but I failed the 1 hour in a bad way. I’m just anxious to find out either way. I was somewhat surprised, mainly because when I’m not pregnant I tend to have more low blood sugar issues, but I guess pregnancy does all sorts of strange things to our bodies.

On the bright side – the nursery is coming along and we should have most of it put together in the next couple weeks. We’ve gone back and forth on some ideas to bring it all together, and everything finally clicked this weekend! I cannot WAIT to see it complete!!!!

It’s definitely all things baby around here . . . aside from the one we’re waiting for, I’ve also bought 5 baby gifts in the past two weeks for other friends and we have baby showers to attend for the next three weekends. Nuts!

And now on the final stretch of waiting for baby . . . the “all things baby” theme won’t be changing any time soon!

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