thirty one.

I love how even Google wishes me a Happy Birthday.

Well, good bye, 30. Hello, 31!

Thirty, for me, was certainly a whirlwind of a year, one I’ll always remember as a year defined by my relationships – relationships of all sorts. Friendships. Family. Dating. Even the one I have with myself. They all underwent some major changes over the past year. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Some for the worse and then for the better. And some . . . well, some, just because.

This year taught to me to finally accept, and make peace with, those things I cannot change. And focus on those things I can. In doing so, some relationships grew apart and some grew closer. But, regardless of the various shifts, one thing was always constant – I’ve remained true to myself, focused on simply being genuine, and stopped trying to be that perpetual people-pleaser. It’s felt great and I believe what my 30s are suppose to be all about . . . confident and happy just being me.

Some highlights of my 30th year . . . my amazing birthday party. Lots of snowboarding. Got back into the swing of dating. A promotion at work. Fell in love. Was a vegetarian for 6 weeks. A super fun Colorado road trip with my besties. Met a lot of new, fun people. (Did I mention falling in love?) And I stopped biting my nails. I really, truly did!

There were some trials and tribulations, too, but it’s all par for the course. Overall, 30 was wonderful. Life is good. And I am ever so excited to see what 31 has in store!

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