this too shall pass

I’ve had a few days recently where I definitely spilled my little metaphorical glass that was half full and I just felt utterly hopeless and lost. On Monday, even with the right motivation, I couldn’t even get myself out of the house for a trip to the bookstore because my eyes were so swollen and the tears just wouldn’t stop. An outfit I put on that I anticipated making me feel more upbeat and cute, only ended up making me look like a house. (That was also the moment I realized that perhaps I should lay off the carbs. The tears certainly weren’t going to dry up after that realization.) Even staring at my lovely little green wall only made me miserable because now that I have something I want to put above the couch, all I was seeing was an empty, lonely space. (Patience has never been my strong suit.)
Now, I’m on the downhill slide of the work week, with a fully planned weekend ahead, so I am slowly feeling my spirits lift. Although, I think my Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road ice cream was also a huge help! (I count ice cream as my daily calcium intake. Women need lots of calcium.) I also thought I might find some additional comfort in a new self-help book and decided I should try to make that trip to the bookstore happen again.
Since I received my first utility bill in the mail the other day, I was able to use that as proof of my residence to get a library card. So, instead of going to my favorite, Barnes and Noble, I decided to be more cost effective and went to my new local library this evening instead. I always forget libraries aren’t like bookstores to browse, though. You really need to know what you are looking for before you go in or put your things on hold to just pick up. I didn’t want to walk out empty handed, though, so I roamed around a while and managed to find a cute book with some short stories in it that I figured would suit my currently very flighty attention span. Also, I stumbled on a great self-help book, and after looking up reviews on Amazon, I think it was a perfect find: Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled and Independent.
The book starts off with 52 things a satisfied single girl knows. Looks like I have a lot to learn!
Like: “#22. Going to dinner alone means you’re hungry, not that you’re a loser.”
Well, great. Now that I know I am not a loser, I can go to bed and rest easy.

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