ugh, baby food.

Baby food is seriously my least favorite thing in the world. Because it’s messy. So messy.


I seriously cringe when I see food covered hands and faces of other peoples’ kids (unless it’s cake or ice cream, then it’s okay).

Before I became a mom, more specifically, before I was a mom to a baby food eating child, I didn’t understand why it had to be so messy.

I mean, you put the food on the spoon. Place spoon in baby’s mouth. Wipe away any spills. The end.

So, surely, every single other parent out there MUST be doing something wrong. MY KID won’t be messy! Oh no!


If only it was that simple, right?

Uh, yeah. Let’s just go ahead and add that to the ever growing list of things I was severely wrong about before I became a mom.

Of course . . . I failed to factor in the fact that babies like to get their hands into everything. And they are uncoordinated. And flail their little arms about. And they are strong. Babies are A LOT stronger than they appear! So, it’s basically a wrestling match every meal time. He fights me for the spoon. He’ll get the spoon and fling it everywhere. Put his hands in the spoonful and smear puree everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! He’ll shove it in his mouth while blowing raspberries and . . . yeah.

Meal time is something else.

After about a third of his pouch, he’ll realize how DELICIOUS it is and how much he is enjoying eating. And then he’ll start growling and panting and squealing and I can’t shovel it in his mouth fast enough, so he’ll insist on just taking the pouch and eating directly from that.

Ten minutes, 25 wet wipes, and 100 “no, no let’s put in our mouth, not fling it at mama”s in and I’m ready to rip my hair out. His dad sheepishly admitted to me this weekend how much he hates feeding him and how it’s his least favorite task (even behind changing blow out diapers). He was surprised, yet seemed relieved, to hear I felt the same.



But, then when the meal is over, and I look at this face . . .

He’s SO happy!! And over blueberries, pears and carrots!!! Like they are The. Best. Things. Ever. EVER! And I try to imagine the first time I try something REALLY REALLY amazing and what a fun and euphoric moment that is – when you’re a baby, you get to experience that excitement every day over such simple things! And I get to be the one to introduce him to those things!

Does it get any better than this?!

It really doesn’t.

It really, really doesn’t.

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