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Things have been hectic around here lately. The scramble is on to finalize tons of house projects, declutter, and deep clean to get it on the market in less than 2 weeks now. In the meantime, Charlie is battling a nasty illness that landed him in the ER on Friday evening and that’s stressing me out the most!

He came down with a tummy bug on Thursday. I’d already had him at the doctor twice that week for what I thought was an ear infection (turned out his ears were just red from an ear infection the week before, and the lingering pain causing him to grab at his left ear was a molar coming in). I guess while at the office he picked up the rotavirus and he’s been completely out of it ever since.

We’re on day 5 of this nastiness.

Friday late afternoon he became very lethargic, and almost listless. He had been sleeping all day and became hard to rouse, refusing to even hold his head up. I was on hold with his pediatrician’s office, trying to figure out what to do, when I was holding him and he started violently vomiting. I hung up the phone and quickly packed us up making the decision to head straight to the ER. (We are lucky enough to live close to a Children’s ER. There is never a wait and specializing in peds, it’s awesome.)

I called S, interrupting his birthday happy hour, in a panic. He met me at the hospital, and while he drives me absolute bonkers in those situations, I can’t say I don’t like having his co-parenting support during times like this.

At the ER, Charlie couldn’t stay awake. In my lap in triage, he just flopped over in half. He didn’t have a fever and wasn’t dehydrated, so the goal of the visit was just to get him more responsive and rule out any other severe issues . . . like meningitis (talk about a BOMB being dropped when the ER doc casually mentions that’s something they may consider screening for).

We were there for a couple hours – he took a good snooze, had some pain relieving Motrin, and by the end, he perked him up enough to sit up and drink some Pedialyte. In the madness, I didn’t pack his bottles or sippy cups, though. He refused the bottles the hospital had. I asked for a sippy, but he didn’t like the spout on that either. Thankfully, he was happy to drink straight from the cup.



After he was more interactive, the ER discharged us with the diagnosis of a tummy virus. That night was spent changing lots of sheets, diapers and pajamas. Lots of rocking and soothing. And an early morning debate of another ER visit when his heart rate became extremely fast and he was listless again. Thankfully Motrin and Pedialyte calmed him.

During the day now, he just sleeps. Literally 24/7. He fusses every 3-4 hours and I’m slowly introducing formula diluted with Pedialyte. He’s been off solids since Thursday. I just miss my baby. It’s like having a newborn again – and I am not a huge fan of the newborn stage!

He babbles a little bit when I’m changing his diaper, otherwise I don’t get any smiles or interaction. He hasn’t sat up or crawled since Friday morning. The vomiting and stuff has stopped and we’re almost 24 hours free of all that, so fingers crossed he’ll rest and get some spunk back soon.

This is truly the pits!!!

In other news . . . the house will be on the market in just over two weeks . . . just as Charlie turns 1. ONE!!

I’m on the verge of lots and lots of changes . . . moving, job hunting, transitioning Charlie to full time childcare. In just a few months, I’ll have a totally new life. As exciting as that is and as ready as I am for it, this transition piece and all the unknowns can be anxiety inducing at times.

I promise more updates coming . . . I have another link-up next week . . . come back to find out what I keep in my diaper bag! Also . . . I’m going to do a motherhood series reflecting back on the days I was in labor with Charlie in less than two weeks from now, too!

Happy Spring!!!

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