wednesday date night

I’ve spent the past three Wednesday’s with T and Wednesday has now jokingly morphed into our date night. He’s the first guy to make the cut past date #2 (we’re on 4 including the non-Wednesday tubing trip) since I’ve been single and mingling. Only a couple phone calls have been placed here or there, though we do text on a daily basis, and it’s becoming part of my routine where if I didn’t hear from him I’d notice something missing in my day.

I’m enjoying the newness, the butterflies, the excitement so much . . . coworkers tease me I’m smiling bigger than usual. I’m not in any hurry for this to change, though in the back of my head I sometimes jump 10 steps ahead and wonder what this will turn out to be. Dating at this phase in life, where long-term potential for marriage and family is the white elephants in the room, it can often make the getting-to-know-you process seem hurried or frantic while you figure out if you’re on the same page. It’s hard not to feel like I should ask what he’s looking for, what does he hope we could potentially be . . . but, when we’re together, and things seem right – comfortable, natural and easy – the questions inevitably melt away and I am content in letting nature take its course and enjoying the present moment.

Que sera, sera!

Though, I’m not gonna lie – I like to daydream about having a Facebook Official relationship and my hope is it will go down that path, but for now . . . one day Wednesday at a time :).

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