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In my complex’s parking garage, everyone has an assigned parking spot. If you do not have an assigned spot, you must park in unreserved guest parking, which is conveniently located in abundance on each and every level. There is no reason to be parking in reserved spots. No reason at all.

On my first day coming to my apartment, there was a blue camry in my spot. I figured they didn’t know it was now reserved, being it’d been vacant prior to my arrival, so the moment I saw their car gone, I moved my car into it. My car has the parking pass, with the spot’s number and all. (The offender’s car has no parking pass.) Ever since that day, my spot has been open and I spotted the camry parking in other spots. Until tonight.
This evening I returned home with an armload of Target purchases, only to find my spot was once again taken by the same offending camry. Are you serious??? This is just not cool. So, I had to park down in guest parking, which again isn’t that far, but when you HAVE a reserved spot, RIGHT next to the door, with an arm load of things to carry, it’s completely unnerving.
I dug through my bag and found a mini-notepad and sprawled the note: “hi, just fyi, this spot is reserved now. thank you :).” I got out of my car, wrangled my load of items and stuck the note on the offender’s windshield. I swear, if that same jack ass is ever in my spot again after tonight, it’s not going to be pretty.
That is all for now. I promise a more proper update with photos to follow tomorrow.


  1. Too Great! I seriously have experienced and done the same thing!

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