what is WRONG with some people?

Overall, I think I am a good person. I try to do unto others, as I would like them to do unto me. I am respectful, polite, and I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Some days, I wonder why I bother. Not everyone deserves kindness, especially not the a-holes I encountered today.
It all started when I got my hair cut today. I should have known not to go to this salon when I called to make the appointment and asked, “Could you recommend a stylist who is great with curly hair?” Valley girl receptionist replies, “ALL our stylists are great with curly hair!” I pressed it a little further and said, “Okay, I know you have to say that. But, honestly, who would you trust the most with curly hair?” She insists,”Anyone, seriously, just when do you want to come in? Tomorrow?”
Why I didn’t end the call right then, I don’t know. My hair was in dire need of a cut and they could get me in almost immediately.
I go into my appointment, sit down, explain what I want and off we go. She washes my hair and chops at it for 10 minutes and is suddenly done. Then, she takes a blow dryer and starts trying to dry it, but it starts frizzing out. (Of course. This is why curly headed people use diffusers. Does she not know this?) So, she asks if I usually air dry my hair and I said, no I diffuse it. She answers that she doesn’t HAVE a diffuser (how can you not have a diffuser, your salon is IN a beauty supply store!!!!!!!) and that she’s just going to send me out with wet hair so it doesn’t frizz more. So, I am sitting there, really really irritated I have to go out in 40 degrees with wet hair. She can tell I’m not moving and asks, “Did you want some hair spray or something?”
I finally just got up and went and paid. I wanted to use my store points, but the cashier says I can’t. That I would have had to tell them that when I MADE the appointment. USE THEM NEXT TIME, to which I replied there wouldn’t BE a next time. She just looks at me and says I didn’t have enough points anyway (which I don’t get how, when I had $30 for salon purchases just a few months ago), but I pay (I tip more than I should considering the circumstances) and I leave. I feel ripped off for what I paid.
So, I have wet hair and go out into the brisk weather and my head freezes. I was starving and really wanted to stop somewhere and pick up lunch, but wanted to go straight home so I could try to salvage my hair for the day before it was completely dry. I decided I wasn’t going to let the stupid stylist deprive me of a tasty lunch and I swung into Safeway’s deli to get my favorite turkey and havarti panini. Just as I’m walking up to the counter, I see the guy taking off. He sees me, rolls his eyes, and goes back behind the counter and dilly dallies before coming over and asking what I want. I order, and he makes the sandwich in silence, gives it to me, not a word, I have to ask to get the combo (chips and drink, requires he prints out a second UPC code) and he just huffs and puffs the whole time. I walked away and exclaimed out loud how rude he was. Though, I doubt I was heard by anyone.
I get back home, dry my hair, eat my sandwich and get back to work. I had a conference call and tried to lay low, it was planning for some meeting we have tomorrow with a new big-wig to explain our team and what we do. I tried to lay low, but of course, someone had to call me out and commit me to presenting on something. Something I REALLY don’t want to talk about. I’m at the point I’d rather just mute my phone, put it on speaker and lay on my floor while the painful meeting occurs. No such luck when everyone else on my team is apparently trying to task avoid themselves.
After work, I ran out to the mall. All was so-so there, aside from a cashier at Forever 21 who took, what do ya know, FOREVER. Then I get home. And I have the worst encounter of the day.
Someone. Is. In. My. Parking. Space.
We all know how I feel about this.
I ran inside and immediately booted up my work laptop to print a sign to put on his windshield. I had a missed call from my dad, so I called him back, but couldn’t hardly concentrate on the conversation I was so upset about the car and trying to formulate words to print out on a sign that would convey my anger – get the point across that, if I was not a law abiding citizen, I would have beat the hell out of their car. That’s how I was feeling.
So, I started typing out a lot of strongly worded messages, saying I’d have them towed if they were there in the morning, or how I pay for this spot and maybe they’d like to give me $20 to split it, since they feel they are entitled to use it, too. Nothing felt right, though.
I finally settled on: “THIS IS A RESERVED PARKING SPACE!”
Though not as strongly worded as I was intending, it sticks to the facts, so I went out and placed it on the windshield. I checked outside a couple times, and after two hours, the car was finally gone. I moved my car immediately.
Silver Jeep Cherokee, CO license plate 580-UUL – I’ve got my eyes on you.
In the morning I need to call the leasing office and find out how to get cars towed after hours. Especially when residents are no longer allowed to have their own “reserved” signs permanently up. Next person in my spot is getting towed. That is my goal.
Ok, I’m off to work on some crossword puzzles to clear my mind and then off to bed.
Some people , eh.


  1. You did have a rough day yesterday. 🙁 And when we were chatting I totally forgot about how cold it was there and sending you out with a wet head. Have you read any reviews on Yelp or Citysearch? I wonder if you can find a curly-haired professional on there before your next appointment. Thank goodness you just went for a trim and not something more dramatic! Hopefully today’s a better day for you – Survivor, The Office, Grey’s!

  2. Boo! Sorry to hear you had a crappy day!!! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!!!

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