what’s in a name?

It was only a matter a time. My name just changed at work this past week and it took a bit for people to catch on (only people in my immediate department know I was divorced or why I moved) and now I’m getting all kinds of comments regarding my new name, congratulating me on what must have been my recent nuptials. Most people I have never met in person, and I imagine my 12 year old sounding voice on the phone isn’t one you’d pin on a divorcee, but rather a blushing new bride. Not so much the day and age to just go assuming marriage though, haha. Statistically speaking anyway.

After I corrected the first person (with lots of email smileys to show I wasn’t upset she inquired about a wedding), she still replied and apologized profusely for prying which just made ME feel uncomfortable, so now I’ve decided to ignore the comments altogether and let people think whatever they want. I do have a sense of humor about it, but I’m just over it. And it’s no body’s business why I moved back to CO, or why I was even living in AZ, or why my name is changed, so I’m done feeling like I have to bring up the divorce.

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