what’s it gonna take . . .

to get you into this car today?


So, about a month ago the husband (the ex? baby’s daddy? I don’t really know what he is anymore) and I went car shopping. In the mess of untangling our finances and coming to a settlement agreement, I have a SUV I’d like to get out of and trade for something more reasonable and single mom-ish. I don’t need anything fancy that screams suburban housewife, I just want something safe and functional.  (First world problems, right?)

Anyway . . . the local dealership we went to provided the world’s WORST experience ever. We were ready to do a deal that day, but they played such a terrible game . . . essentially made us wait 45 minutes without even evaluating our trade and brought us the numbers from the window sticker. When pressed about where is the deal . . . and asked if they care about even knowing any specifics about our position . . . do they even want to appraise our trade, etc . . . they just disappeared again for another 20+ minutes, when we finally had had enough and told them we were walking.

The whole while mind you, it was a sales manager disappearing to run numbers, while the sales consultant who started working with us, a female, sat at the table with us staring into space like she was a child not invited to the adult’s table.

It was really sad and borderline pathetic really, how terrible they managed that process. I left feeling sorry for the sales woman and wondered how she even had a job, really.

It’s been over a month and they did not follow up with us once. Not. One. Time. And here we are – motivated and willing buyers – but they dropped the ball so severely I wouldn’t even consider doing business with them ever.

That night, the almost-ex-husband-baby-daddy and I took the baby and had dinner at a local place known for delicious drinks and chicken wings. (Yes, we’re separated, going through the divorce process, but we still hang out. More on that later. We may be the strangest divorcing couple ever.)

Over dinner we discussed the horrid experience and I went off on everything I would do differently to improve the customer experience.

That led to a discussion about a local car dealership that DOES do things differently. And how spot on their business model is and why can’t every dealership do it like that? And I said, “You know, I could do that. I could go sell cars.”

And my estranged-husband-father-of-my-child dared me . . . “You should totally go do that – you’d be amazing at sales!”


I went home that night and immediately looked up job openings and applied. I hadn’t felt so excited about something like that . . . well, maybe ever.

I got a call back in three days. One week later I had passed the phone interview process and found myself pulling on my panty hose and squeezing into interview attire for an in-person interview.

This dealership is a nationwide chain and their processes are DIALED-IN. They know what works and they have everything standardized down to a T . . . including the hiring process.

Two online tests, a round of situational questions from a panel, a role-playing exercise, a chat with the location general manager where I “went in for the close” (that’s sales lingo for asking for the job), and three hours later . . . I was being escorted into the bathroom (by a female manager) to pee in a cup for a drug test and I was offered a job on the spot.


I left the interview with my new uniform polo in hand and 28 hours on the schedule for the following week and that’s when I had a bit of a panic.


I haven’t punched a time clock or worked retail hours in almost 15 years. I’m used to working in a cubicle, collecting a salary and managing my own job and time and so long as I’m getting my job done, and answering and checking my BlackBerry . . . no one would question me.

So, what in the WORLD was I doing now?!

I breathed a bit and reminded myself this is going to be GOOD. It’s an opportunity to do something just for myself. I don’t have much of anything just for me anymore . . . I’ve already lost my marriage and life as I know it . . . why not put myself out there, try a new career out, and hopefully boost my confidence in the process?

Not to mention – it forces me to take time away from Charlie. Not that I WANT time away . . . but after four solid months of 24/7, up around the clock . . . and he’s already such a mama’s boy . . . it won’t hurt him to have some one-on-one time each week with his dad, his Gran and his Gramps.

I’ve been at my new job for three weeks now – and while I am not officially on the sales floor, because there is a very intense on-boarding process I have to complete first . . . I’m loving it!

I left the corporate world two years ago and have struggled ever since with what it is I want to be when I grow up . . . and I think for the first time EVER I might, just might be on the verge of what I’m meant to do. Selling cars may or may not pan out to be a long term solution – but when I make my official return to the work force in a year, I’m excited to think I found something that I can be passionate about and really leverage my strength in . . . sales!!

Need to buy a car and you’re local to me?? Send me a message . . . we’ll chat ;).


  1. Mary Mondoro says:

    If you lived near me, I would be down there, giving you my business….Best of luck to you on this endeavor!

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