whoever said . . .

Shopping for baby boy clothes is easy and cheap because there aren’t many options . . . or says it is no where near as fun as shopping for girl clothes . . . obviously never had a baby boy! I already have the dents in my pocketbook to prove boy clothes is just as addictive as girls.

I actually had to stop shopping for clothes – it’s all so cute and I went on a bit of a binge. I bought an initial haul from a few cute places, then my close friend Whitney, who had twins last summer (a boy and a girl), surprised me by sending tons of her son’s 0-6 month clothes that he’s outgrown. I seriously spent a couple hours going through all of it – folding and refolding, holding everything and oohing and ahhing and thinking how I will have a little guy in these sweet outfits one day soon. (Whitney is also a perfectionist, and all of the onesies were expertly folded, which was super helpful for me to look at and practice how to efficiently fold itty bitty clothes!)

I mean, seriously, how cute are these things?!?

Just a handful of my favorites in our closet so far . . .

Go ahead, moms, it’s okay . . . you can laugh and think how baby boy will just live in plain white Gerber onesies most of his days . . . but, I like to THINK I’ll dress him up every single day – so let me keep my first time mom dream for just a few more months :).


  1. You will dress him up! I did with my kiddos! I loved it! Love the button up shirt and vest! So cute!

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